READ is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 2011. READ’s mission is to raise funds to help support the exceptional standard of public education established within the Roslyn School District.

Why was READ formed for the Roslyn schools?

The recently passed New York State property tax cap and the decline in funding from the state and other sources has created a real and growing threat to our School District. These forces have the potential to materially threaten certain educational programs that are vital to our district and our students’ school experience. In response to this reality, members of the Roslyn Administration and School Board strongly believe that in order to maintain the level of excellence we all expect from the Roslyn schools, it is imperative to develop outside sources of funding. As a result, a group of concerned Roslyn parents banded together to form READ.

What is READ?

Is READ affiliated with the Roslyn administration or school board?


Although READ works closely with the Board of Education, Superintendent and Administration to identify goals for fundraising and capital allocation, READ is independent of the Roslyn School District. READ is governed by an independent Board of Directors, comprised of parents and community members. The READ Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions of the foundation, including fundraising and allocation of funds. In addition, READ’s Executive Committee, made up of volunteer parents and community members, runs all day-to-day business related to the Foundation.

Who decides where the money raised by READ goes?

READ’s independent Board of Directors is responsible for the allocation of all funds raised by the Foundation. The READ Board has established a Capital Allocation committee that considers and debates the allocation of funds. This committee has built a robust process to determine the most effective way to allocate capital consistent with the goals of the Board of Education. This process relies heavily on guidance from the community, the Administration, and the School Board. Participation on the Capital Allocation Committee is open to all Roslyn community members.

READ Frequently Asked Questions


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What projects are currently being considered for funding?


At the present time, the Capital Allocation committee is evaluating a wide range of projects that have been recommended by the Superintendent and School Board as important district initiatives. These include, but are not limited to, capital improvements, technology enhancements, character-building programs and teacher grants for classroom-specific projects. However, as the impact of the recently enacted tax cap is felt in future years, READ’s priorities may evolve to better address the issues facing the District at such time.

 I already pay taxes to support the district.  Why should I give money to READ?


Although the Roslyn School District is currently financially secure, especially when compared with other districts in Nassau County, the unfortunate reality is that our District faces significant risk in the future. READ is a vehicle by which concerned parents, community members and Roslyn Alumni can make a meaningful difference in the quality of education of Roslyn students.

Do other Long Island communties have similar Foundations?

Many communities on Long Island have decided, as we have, to establish a non-profit charitable organization to benefit their public schools as a way to maintain excellence in the face of current challenges. In fact, READ’s vision and operating structure have been modeled after similar existing organizations in neighboring public school districts, including Manhasset, which established The Tower Fund in 1991. Jericho, Port Washington and North Shore School Districts have also formed similar organizations.


You can support READ in many ways. We are always looking for people to volunteer to help us with upcoming fundraisers. We welcome anyone who would like to donate time, energy, money, or talent to help us meet our goals. Donations can be made directly through our website at Please contact us at with any questions.



How can I participate or make a donation?