Current Projects

zSPACE Learning Lab

READ is excited to partner with the Roslyn Schools in 2017 to support the implementation of an amazing new technology platform called the zSpace Learning Lab.  The zSpace Learning Lab is a 3-D virtual reality technology platform that provides an immersive and interactive educational experience.  Through the use of a computer screen, zSpace 3D glasses and a stylist, students are able to virtually engage in tasks such as exploring the human anatomy, dissecting animals, touring different planets and exploring mechanical structures. For a quick look at zSpace in action, visit

Money raised at our upcoming Casino & Cocktails event will be used towards the zSpace project.


Past Projects

Apple TV Initiative

READ is excited to partner with the Roslyn Schools to support the Distrcit on the Apple TV Initiative.  This exciting new technology will allow teachers to project onto a screen from their teacher iPad giving them total mobility inside of the classroom.  Students will be able to show their individual work on the screen to their classmates during classroom teaching.  Students will also be able to work independently on the iPads in station settings.  The learning experience captures the natural engagement that comes with a device students are already comfortable with.  The Apple TV initiative will bring 21st century technology to the classroom to help support and differentiate the students learning styles. 

On February 25 ,2016, READ presented a check for $65,00 0 to help fund the Apply TV initiative in various schools around the District.


Project Adventure

On May 9th, 2013, READ proudly presented a $10,000 check to the Roslyn School Board to help fund “Project Adventure,” an innovative physical education program being introduced at the Roslyn Middle School and Roslyn High School.


READ’s Capital Allocation Committee worked closely with the Roslyn school administration and Roslyn Board of Education to identify a program in need of funding.  After meeting with Dawn Cerrone, Director of Physical Education for the Roslyn Public Schools, READ’s Executive Board determined “Project Adventure” was the perfect program.  “Project Adventure promotes the use of physical education to enhance students’ awareness of teamwork, character-building and respecting others’ differences,” said Ms. Cerrone.  “The program utilizes ropes, climbing walls, pullies and other fitness equipment making it fun for the students to work together towards a common goal.”


The money was raised during the 2012-2013 school year at READ’s inaugural event, an outdoor Family Movie Night, which was supported by over 400 attendees from the Roslyn community.